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80 stores under one roof! Hallarna is the place to visit, whatever your mood, whatever the season, whether you’re time rich or time poor, with others or on your own, sure what you want, hungry or tired, meeting someone, in need of retail therapy or you just want to check out the latest cool products.

Family room

Our family room offers facilities for breastfeeding, warming baby food, changing nappies and so on. There are also toilets for adults and kids.

Free parking

Hallarna has 1,500 parking spaces right outside. Parking is free and the car park is open from 06:00-22:00.


Come and visit our great playground outside the Yellow entrance.

Lost something?

Contact Hallarna’s info desk. Phone: 035-18 36 00.


We have the largest public cylinder aquarium anywhere in Scandinavia.

Free Wi-Fi

Visitors can access free Wi-Fi in the shopping mall.

Getting to Hallarna is easy, by car, bus and bike. Our address is Prästvägen 1 and we are located on the E6/20 on the southern approach to Halmstad.

Enjoy the complete experience with our exciting mix of cafés, restaurants and stores in a vibrant and innovative environment. Welcome to the place for every kind of day!

Welcome to shopping Halland-style!